Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ToonCon 2016

This past weekend the family and I attended ToonCon 2016. Last year just The Boy and I attended and that went over really well and The Girl was super disappointed that she didn’t get to go, so we vowed that this year we would attend as a family. Amanda almost didn’t go – earlier in the year she signed up for a yoga teacher training workshop in Hamilton that would have ended up running through part of the weekend, but it was cancelled a few weeks back and so she was able to come with us afterall!

As the weekend approached I was horrified to see the weather forecast was for rain – not a chance of rain, not periods of rain, just RAIN! There was even a Rainfall Warning issued by the Environment Canada Weather Service! Why would this be an issue if we’re indoors playing games all weekend? Well… we don’t own a car and the transit system in Saskatoon is not all that great, so we bike everywhere we go and the Sutehrland Hall - where the event was to take place - was clear on the other side of the city and it meant if it were raining steadily we’d all be quite soaked by the time we arrived. Also, it would make getting there on Saturday with all the stuff I needed for my REGINA TRENCH! challenging to say the least!


Undaunted, we set off in the rain Friday evening.

In the end it was very light rain Friday evening – and though we call carried a complete change of clothes – we didn’t end up needing them! By the time we left it was cold and damp – but the rain had actually stopped and that was the last we saw of it all weekend!

We arrived a bit late and most of the games had already started. Amanda had been concerned that we might end up being late and having to just play on our own and we could have just stayed at home and done that (as both the games we were to play Friday evening were games we already owned!)!

GAME ONE - 7 Wonders

As she predicted, instead of all of us all getting to play with different people we ended up play with each other – and Roch, who is a totally good guy, so all was not lost!

The Girl was on fire Friday night and ended up with the highest score among all the 7 Wonders and so won a $10 gift certificate from Dragon’s Den. She was exceptionally pleased with herself – not that she won the gift certificate – or even that she won at all – but rather than she was actually able to collect up a bunch of science cards and collect sets of them – something she’s been trying to do for ages since we first played it! 

GAME TWO - Dominion

Next we played a couple games of Dominion. In our first game, The Girl and I played against a couple of guys who hadn’t played much before. I think there were a few cards in the set up that were from a set I don’t have and hadn’t played with before (Intrigue? I think?). For once I actually beat The Girl (by ONE POINT!).

How is it I end up with these hands…?

The second game I went was so super fast I didn’t even get to take a picture. Amanda had played against the same pair and said the same thing. They clearly played a LOT and knew exactly what they were doing. But they did it SO FAST I didn’t even get to see what they were doing!?

One of the great things about going to a convention and playing with other people is that everyone has different playing styles and it’s fun to see the different ways other people do things – especially ones that are really good at it – but these guys were so fast I DIDN’T get to see at all what they were doing.

When play I set cards down one at a time and say what I’m doing out loud – as much to keep track of what I’m doing myself (because I’m a bit of an idiot) - but also because I like teaching games and teach a lot of them to my kids so I am always open about what I’m doing and why and how and such. These folks were so fast as soon as I reached for the card I was going to buy they were putting cards down – usually their whole hand at once - and grabbing for their buy before I’d cleaned up. By the time I’d actually cleaned up my own stuff into my discard pile and drew my next hand – it was my turn again!? I have no idea what they did or how. I’m not saying they were cheating or anything – I highly doubt they were – but they could have been for all I know! I guess they’re used to playing with a different caliber of player and I shouldn’t expect everyone to play my way…

Since my second game was so fast I got to sit and watch Amanda and The Girl play their second game. Now here’s another guy who was totally on top of his game (in the orange cap) – Morgan Galloway – and he was an excellent guy to play against (I got to play Star Realms with him later in the weekend). While he was very, very good at the games he took his time and was very clear and up front about what he was doing each turn and I learned a lot from watching him play.

Later in the weekend he won a game in the raffle (Sewer Pirats) and decided it wasn’t a game he’d likely ever play and so he gave it to the kids!?

There was other games after this, but we had decided that 10pm was late enough for us to be out – especially considering we had a 40 minute bike ride home – and so didn’t sign up for any of the games that went later into the evening. 

As I mentioned earlier it had stopped raining and so we pedaled home in the chilly damp evening – but arrived home more or less dry. While Amanda and the kids went off to bed – I went back to working on the REGINA TRENCH! terrain – talk about leaving it to the last minute, eh!? I actually ended up staying up to 4am to complete it.


I was a bit of a wreck in the morning having had 3 hours of sleep, so Amanda and the kids headed off to the con on their own. I tried to sleep a bit more (and mostly failed) and then went out and did my usual Saturday morning errands (Library and Bakery) and then tried to get there for the second game.

Again it was cool and damp and overcast most of the day, but we didn't get rained on. Actually Amanda and the kids got a lift to the Con with my mom (they also hauled my terrain and toys there as well!).

When we’d signed up I think there was only one or two spots open for Terra Mystica – so not enough room for all three of us (Remember, Amanda didn’t sign up with us originally as she’d had other plans) – but The boy really wanted to try it out and signed up for it on his own.  I (and later Amanda) had signed up to play Sentinels with The Girl. This being her first year I didn’t want her off playing games on her own. She plays a pretty good game – but she is just 10.

GAME FOUR  - Stone Age

I had planned to get there for the second game at 12:30. As it turned out I wasn’t able to drag my ass there until after one and found the family playing Stone Age together with Doctor John. Looks like a fun game.

GAME FIVE – Roll for the Galaxy

This game was fun enough, I guess. I ended up playing with The Girl (who has played a LOT of RACE for the Galaxy, but only played ROLL for the Galaxy once before) and three guys that hadn’t played at all before. As I’d played it twice (once at New Years and once in Calgary on our summer vacation) – and played a lot of RACE for the Galaxy - I was the “expert” at the table. There’s a LOT going on in Roll for the Galaxy and has a bit of a learning curve. It took me six games of Race to really grok what was going on and I have a hard enough time keeping track of the differences. So also having to try and explain the game and the various strategies (which I’m not so sure I did a great job at) while trying to figure out what the hell I was doing myself was a bit overwhelming (especially on three hours sleep). I think I actually won, but it was a pretty hollow victory.

A LOT of people tell me they like it WAY better than Race for the Galaxy. I like both. 


One of the highlights of ToonCon is the Game auction. John and Dave tag-teamed auctioning off 270 games in a little over two hours.

It is fast and furious and it’s easy to get a little out of control – which is why I spent a good deal of time Friday night looking at all the games that were up for auction and making a list of games I was potentially interested in and when I got home I looked them all up and scratched a few off and figured out how much each of them was actually worth and what I was really willing to pay for them and noted down what my maximum bid would be (so… yeah… I guess I was actually only up until 3am working on terrain – the other hour was sorting out what I was going to bid on at the auction). I did the same thing last year and though there was a dozen games on my list and over $200 in my pocket – I did not go over the maximum I was going to bid and so I came home with ONE game (Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan), which I paid $10 for (and still haven’t played!?).

I assured Amanda that this year would likely be the same.

It wasn’t.


I’ll point out that I did not go over any of my maximum bids (and my maximum bids weren’t any higher than last year!). Though I did end up bidding on two games that weren’t on my list originally (Doctor Panic and City Hall), I got both of them for $10 or less each. In fact we spent less than $200 on this whole stack (which is good, because my game budget was blown ages ago and this was more or less grocery money we were spending – it’s rice and beans for the next month kids!). The Sentinel Tactics stuff alone is worth about $200 – the copy of Super Dungeon Explore was still in the shrink wrap (another $100 game) as was Albion and NefertitiDominion: Prosperity and City Hall weren’t in the shrink wrap, but had clearly never been played (counters unpunched, cards still in shrink wrap).For me, Star Trek: Five Year Mission was also a big score because it was actually pretty high on my wishlist of games (Porsperity and Super Dungeon Explore were on the list as well, but not really priorities…).

Even Amanda, who is a bit of a penny pincher, got swept up in the excitement of it all and was encouraging me to bid on games that weren't even on my list (most of them were games that had starting bids of $1) - because she is, if nothing else, a sucker for a GOOD DEAL - most of them I didn't win - because others were thinking the some thing - but that is how I ended up with Doctor Panic. Quarantine was also one she had pointed out the night before and was only on my list because she had suggested it - so it wasn't all just me going nuts!

All in all a pretty good haul!

Saturday Night was the big show – I ran my REGINA TRENCH! game – which focused on the First Canadian Division’s action at the Battle of Thiepval Ridge on the Somme front, which was fought 100 years ago this week! Adrenaline was all that was keeping me going at this point. The game was a RIOT and truly the highlight of the weekend for me! So fun to play with these fine gentlemen. I’ll have a whole separate post about that one… stay tuned!

Amanda and the kids played Castles of Burgundy. They apparently thought it was a fun game and had a good time as well (I should hope so considering it's one of the top ten games on Board Game Geek)

As with Friday evening there were other games that went on later into the evening. But after Castles of Burgundy we called it a night and head home.

Slept like a log.


Sunday morning was bright and sunny and there were a few others that rode their bikes today. Too bad the Sutherland hall doesn’t actually have any bike racks… Mind you, they don’t exactly have a parking lot either, so….

Games getting going on Sunday. 

GAME SEVEN - Pandemic

A game we have and are all familiar with – and we all got to play at different tables with different people! (Well except me and The Girl who played together).

Amanda’s Game

The Boy getting ready to start his.

The Girl and the two fellows we played with. We got in two games with these guys. We won the first one easily enough, so we upped the ante and added another epidemic card to the deck. That second game we lost – but only by one turn. we lost because we ran out of cards in the player deck. I HAD five cards to cure the last disease and was two spaces away from a research station… I’ve never actually lost due to running out of cards before – we’ve either won or lost well before the last cards came up!

The Boy had only played one game of Pandemic and then wandered off to look at things in the "Game Library". We found him later playing Munchkin Gloom with one of the organizers – Steve – a guy I used to sell Magic cards waaaaaaaaaay back when I worked at the original Collector’s Edge (like, twenty years ago!!). The Boy is a huge introvert (not unlike the rest of his family) and not the sort to go and just start up conversations with strangers – so we were pretty amazed to discover this going on. It was a testament to how very relaxed everything was here and how comfortable he felt. I think he was truly “in his element”.

GAME EIGHT -  Five Tribes

The Boy and I had decided to play this last year after watching the Tabletop episode about it. It was fun so we signed up again.

The Girl and I ended up playing with my friend Brent who had signed up thinking it was Samarkand - a game he’d played with Amanda and myself before at our place. We had a lot of fun. Brent is a GREAT guy to play games with. We were all figuring out the game so we’d point out things to each other and helping each other figure out how to do what we wanted to try and do. Brent ended up with this wicked cool Djinn that allowed him to place a camel on any place that only had meeples on it – so our game was relatively quick and Brent crushed it! Keira and I amazingly tied for second.

You can see the back of Amanda’s head in the background at the table she was playing at. It seems they were a bit more… competitive... So while she sort of had fun (but not nearly as much fun and Brent and Keria and I!) she did recognize that it is a really interesting game with a tonne of replayability. This has gone on the list of acceptable games to acquire for the family (well… maybe next year…).

The Boy ended up playing with our friend Leah and another fellow I don’t know - he seemed pretty impressed at The Boy's ability to play the game - "i'd overheard him say "you play better than my wife!" (to which The Boy, who is not the most tactful person ever, replied "HOW BAD IS YOUR WIFE!?"). Seems like they had a lot of fun too. Leah and The Boy ALSO tied for second!?

In the break between the last two game Steve got both out kids and Al (from the Dragon’s Den)’s kids playing a game of Get Bit.

The Boy went off and played Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar for his final game of the weekend. He said it was fun enough, but there was a lot of stuff going on in the game and it was a bit overwhelming and hard to figure out the strategies behind it. I asked if he thought he’d have a better idea how to play next time now that he’d played a game, but he wasn’t so sure…

The rest of us went and played Star Realms. I’m not sure why? Maybe Tzolk’in only had one space left or maybe I just wasn’t keen on the idea. A friend of mine (Other Tim) had brought over Star Realms to play with us a few months back and I was kind of “meh” on the game – I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it… So I’m not quite sure why I signed me and The Girl (and later Amanda up for it). Regardless, I’m pretty glad I did because I actually had a GREAT time playing the game.

My first game was against Gary (gosh, I hope that’s his name…) – who you can see playing against The Girl in the picture above – and it was a lot of fun. I can’t remember who won…? Might have been me.

My second game was against Morgan (mentioned above) and I’m pretty sure I got beat down pretty hard in that game. But it was totally fun and he’s a great guy to play with. Afterwards I felt a little like Scot Pilgrim near the end of his epic adventure after his first showdown with Gidian (“I feel like I learned something… it’s too bad I’m DEAD”).

I got in a third game playing a four-player-free-for-all with some of the guys you can see at the table in the background; Nick and Terry (I think…) and… dang it, I can’t remember the other guys name. I should really take notes. It was a BLAST! At first I thought they’d all played a lot before – as they all seemed very good at it, but it turned out only one of them had, and he had played a LOT – and he skooled us all pretty good. Most of the game it was pretty much the three of us against him – and he very EASILY could have taken us out one-by-one and won the game, but, being very much in control of the game, he instead decided to kind of just toyed with us and prolong the game. Eventually we took him down, but we were all beat down so badly (by him!) that one more round saw they other  me and Nick going down and leaving Terry the victor! Or maybe it was Terry I took out and then Nick took me out…? Damn I can’t remember that either!? Ah well, I do remember having fun – and that’s the important bit, right?

Don King patiently taught Amanda the game. She enjoyed it so much I think I heard her mention something about Xmas stocking stuffers... I don't know, I think the kids will probably use their two gift certificates to go and get themselves a copy sooner than that! (One of the guys I was playing with - Terry? - had won a gift certificate for one of the games he had played in, but gave it to The Boy - apparently he'd driven up from Moos Jaw and didn't make it to town often and doubted he'd ever get to using it). 

If anyone that actually played this weekend reads this and notices discrepancies between what I’ve posted and… you know… reality – PLEASE feel free to post a comment correcting me. I was running on fumes most of the weekend and it’s all a bit of a haze at this point…

If I could sum the whole weekend up into one sentence: Games were played with awesome people and much fun was had.

I would like to give a super huge thanks to John Burt and all the other organizers for putting together another fantastic weekend of gaming – we’ll all be back for sure next year!!

(and next year will be pretty close to the 100th anniversary of Paschendale…) 

Hopefully I'll get posts up about the terrain making and the REGINA TRENCH game later today or perhaps tomorrow. 

September Challenge – Part Three

30 Games in 30 Days – Week Three

Day Seventeen – Saturday, 17 September 2016 – D&D 5E

On Saturday, The Boy and I went to the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo at Prairieland Park. Every fanboy and fangirl in town was out there getting their geek on. WE played a quick game of D&D 5th Edition with Jeff – the guy who actually runs the D&D game that The Boy plays in every other week at King Me Boardgamery. It was fun. It was during the Carrie Fisher panel... but considering when we got out of the panel on world building we'd attended earlier and found there was a line that snaked all the way around the building to get into that we figured it wasn't likely we were going to get it.

I also picked up a copy of Dust Ship Glory - a graphic novel adaptation by my friend Elaine Will – which was officially released at the show.

There was tones of cool stuff to see and do and, surprisingly I took very few pictures of it all… I DID get a picture for our game however!

The Girl wasn’t there, however, because she has three dance classes on Saturdays and she was going to miss them the following Saturday so she decided to go to those instead. Of course that meant she missed out on our game for the day…

Day Eighteen – Sunday, 18 September 2016 - Kaiser

On Sunday I FINALLY got down to some serious work on the terrain for REGINA TRENCH! I ended up working on it about 8-12 hours a day for the rest of the week. So when we got in games – they were short ones. Sunday night, just before bed, we played a quick game of Kaiser (with my creepy Cthulhu cards). I was teamed up with The Boy and Amanda and The Girl were partners. We haven’t played in a long time and usually The Boy plays it safe an NEVER bids. So I was pretty shocked when on the second round of the game he not only bid – but he made a “NO TURMP” bid (Which doubles the points you receive if you pull it off – or doubles the points you lose if you don’t!)

Day Nineteen – Monday, 19 September 2016 – NO GAME!


So I guess we failed in playing a game EVERY day in September… We will still have played more than 30 games throughout the month of September…. But still, technically, not completed the challenge.


Maybe next year.

Day Twenty – Tuesday, 20 September 2016 – For Sale

I took a quick break from terrain making in the afternoon to play a quick game of For Sale with the kids.

I was totally on my game and snapped up not only the two highest properties, but a few others in the mid-high twenties. I crushed them – which really doesn’t happen all that much anymore!

Day Twenty One – Wednesday, 21 September 2016 - SET

Another quick afternoon game during a break – Set. At the end of the game we counted up all the sets we had and we all ended up with the same number!? A three way tie for first!

Day Twenty Two– Thursday, 22 September 2016 – NO GAME!

Well after failing in our challenge there wasn’t the impetus to keep going with games EVERY day… so…

Day Twenty Three – Friday, 23 September 2016  - TOONCON!

On Friday we all went to ToonCon  and I think I’ll do a completely separate report about that… Stay tuned!

Also, later this week I’ll have a separate post for the REGINA TRENCH! game I ran at ToonCon  and another post about building the terrain for the game!

Monday, September 26, 2016

What Next...?


We've had a busy week or so.

When I last posted We'd just finished our second week of our 30 Games in 30 Days September Challenge, I'd play-tested my game for ToonCon, and was getting ready to do some serious terrain building. In the last 10 days we carried on with our 30 Games in 30 Days Challenge, I built a lot of terrain, and the whole family attended ToonCon (where I ran my REGINA TRENCH! game of the First Canadian Division's roll in the Battle of Thiepval Ridge - which commenced 100 years ago today, 26 September 1916).

In the next few days I'll be posting about all of these things. Seems like there's potentially four posts there; The weekly update on the 30 Games in 30 Days Challenge, A week of mad terrain building, A ToonCon report, and a battle report for my game at ToonCon... or perhaps I could combine some of them... include the ToonCon report in with the Weekly gaming update...? Include the After Action Report of my REGINA TRENCH! game with the ToonCon Report...? or include teh daily work on the Terrain with the Weekly update...? Or just slam it all into one big cRaZy MEGAPOST!? I don't know... I think organizationally I think it will all work out better as four separate, smaller blog posts.

Probably won't be tonight (I did promise Amanda I'd get caught up on a few things I let slide last week while making all the terrain before doing any of these blog posts...), but stay tuned, they are on the way...

Friday, September 16, 2016

September Challenge – Part Two

30 Games in 30 Days – Week Two(-ish)

Day Nine – Friday, 9 September 2016 – Dominion

The game we played used only cards from Hinterlands and Conrnucopia (well and the victory cards and treasure from the base set). It was fun. Used some cards we hadn’t used before. Some of them were nasty.

Later in the evening Amanda and I played 5e D&D Primeval Thule run by my friend Bruce.

Day Ten – Saturday, 10 September 2016 – Forbidden Island

A few weeks back The Girl picked up a copy of Forbidden Island and we finally got around to playing it this evening. Originally we’d planned for her to run a Shadowrun game, but we just got too busy during the day trying to get toehr stuff dune and didn’t end up having time. We promised we would play on Sunday…

Day Eleven – Sunday, 11 September 2016 – Shadowrun

Before the kids dance class we sat down and went through how the game worked out what characters we were playing and how the basics of the game worked… but that’s about all we got to doing. We did get to play after supper for a bit. 

Day Twelve – Monday, 12 September 2016 – Ingenious

Monday turned out to be pretty busy – but we got in a quick game of Ingenious just after lunch!

Day Thirteen – Tuesday, 13 September 2016 – Pandemic

Tuesday we played Pandemic. It started off okay, but then…

It looks pretty bad, but we actually won in the end – we were down to only three cubes left in the supply – but The Girl was playing the Quarentine Specialist and was sitting at Atlanta so she shot over to Riyadh (where I think that lab was) with a shuttle and just sat down in the middle of it until The Boy (The Medic) could get over there and mop things up!

It was a weird game. I think there was only ONE red cube on the table the whole game - which you would think would mean well less stuff to deal with - but not so! With no red cubes coming out it just meant that MORE of ALL THE OTHERS were constantly coming out! 

Day Fourteen – Wednesday, 14 September 2016 – Legendary

Quick game against Mysterio who was storming the Daily Bugle. The Boy always seemed to snap up all the Spidey cards so I ended up with a lot of Black Cat and Moon Knight. 

Day Fifteen – Thursday, 15 September 2016 - Hanging Gardens

I like Hanging Gardens. I’m never sure if I should try and just grab everything I can and hope for the best or selectively go for certain tiles to collect specific sets.

Fun was had. I did manage to get a complete set of the statues and the sculptor and two queens – so I did well. The Boy also did well with a couple complete sets. I can’t remember who won – but we were within one or two points of each other. The Girl just didn’t seem to have any luck at all with the cards and tiles…

Day Sixteen – Friday, 16 September 2016 
Contemptible Little Armies

(It was actually a highly modified version of Contemptible Little Armies…)

Today the kids helped me play test my Regina Trench game for ToonCon NEXT WEEK!! The kids played the Canadians (as the players will be doing in the game)…

…and I ran the Germans!

It maybe wasn’t totally fun for the kids – but it was a totally good play test! It was a complete and utter failure for the Canadians (I made The Girl cry - and she was the one that was doing "good"). One entire brigade never even made it to the German first trench line - one of their battalions was effectively wiped out and the other below half strength with morale failing - and the other brigade was still foundering in the Germans first trench line long after their protective barrage had moved on - which happens, but it took over half the turns I was planning for the full game just to take that front line! If the same thing happened at ToonCon I'd probably have some pretty disappointed players. BUT, I have a very, very clear idea of exactly what I need to change to the game to make it work a lot better and (hopefully) not be so disastrous for the Canadians!

(The kids also had the worst luck with the dice – they failed EVERY morale test they had to take during the game – six of them, when probablility would suggest they should have only failed two… So it wasn't ALL bad scenario design!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably after next weekend – I’ve got a lot of stuff to do to finish up for next week. I’ll get it done, but I probably won’t have so much time for posting stuff (I have been dutifully taking pictures of the whole terrain-making process so I can do a big post about that when I get a chance!) 

Monday, September 12, 2016

15th Battalion, CEF (48th Highlanders)

The 15th Battalion, CEF, was originally recruited from the 48th Highlanders of Canada – a militia unit based in Toronto.

This finishes up the 3rd Brigade (which I should get around to taking a picture of all together) and the last of the Canadian units I need for REGINA TRENCH!

Only two of the figures are entirely newly painted – the Piper and the Infantryman I converted to be carrying a Lewis gun. All others were previously painted – but recently rebased and I did a bit of touching up of most – the helmets and the formation patches, and in a few cases the kilts. The Highland infantry figure that makes up the bulk of the unit (as with the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) are figures I modeled and cast myself – in fact, this particular figure is the very FIRST figure I ever modeled. They’re not very pretty on close inspection, but I’m hoping in the tide of khaki no one will notice.

The Officer and Piper are from Old Glory Miniatures

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

15th Battalion, CEF (48th Highlanders), 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Division.

The unit formation patch is a blue triangle over the red patch of the 1st Division (blue, being the colour or the junior brigade in the division, and a triangle to denote the third battalion within the brigade).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Terrain… no, really…

(or maybe and update on the 30 Games in 30 Days Challenge)

Friday, September 9, 2016

14th (Montreal) Battalion, CEF

The 14th Battalion, CEF, was originally raised in Montreal in 1914 from members of the 1st Regiment Canadian Grenadier Guards, 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles of Canada, and 65th Regiment Carabiniers de Montreal – all militia units. Apparently Sam Hughes (Minister of the Militia and the man behind the organization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force) dubbed the new amalgamated unit the “Royal Montreal Regiment” – though without any… y’know… actual Royal ascent!! (It seems these sort of details were but trifles to bold Sir Sam).

All the figures are from Wargames Foundry

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

13th Battalion, CEF (“Royal Montreal Regiment”), 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Division.

The unit formation patch is a blue semicircle over the red patch of the 1st Division (blue, being the colour or the junior brigade in the division, and a semicircle to denote the second battalion within the brigade).

I also happened to finish up one of the MG elements for the 1st Divison (but I forgot to do the arrow above their divisional patch!?)

Another casualty/morale failure marker.

The Girl was fascinated by this last little vignette. She had asked why they were in different uniforms and I explained it was because one was German and the other was British (though I’m using it as a Canadian…) – to which she responded “but I thought they were on different sides”. This, of course, filled me with pleasure because, not only did it show she actually was paying attention last time we were talking about the Great War (I’m not sure Amanda could so easily identify who was on which side!) it also offered me the opportunity to explain a little more about history and human nature: a) often prisoners captured in battle would help carry the dead and wounded from the battlefield and b) once a human truly recognizes that another human is not actually a threat to them, they are usually pretty willing to help that other human out. These two chaps are both in a spot of bother and, despite what “country” or “side” they were fighting for, have come to realize that at this exact point in their lives, neither is a threat to the other and, really, they have far more in common than they have differences and why would they not help each other out?

The world has really been getting me down lately and feeling like “why should I even bother carrying on…?” I need to remind myself of these things from time to time.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have one last battalion that I need finished for the REGINA TRENCH! game I and running at ToonCon (in less than two weeks now!!!). Luckily the unit is mostly done I need to add one figure and fix up a few others. I also need to finish up the terrain. So hopefully I’ll be posting pictures of terrain and the last of the figures for the ToonCon game shortly!! I have all Sunday set aside for terrain-making, so hopefully I’ll find time to at least post an update on the situation early next week. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Challenge – Week One

It’s September and we’ve got a bit of a tradition going in our household. For the last three years we’ve tried to play a game every day in September. The first year it was any game – so we had a lot of recurring short games played just before bedtime. Last year we changed it to a DIFFERENT game every day for the month - 30 games in 30 days. This year we are doing the same.

30 Games in 30 Days – Week One

Day One - Thursday, 1 September 2016 – Monty Python Fluxx

I had hoped to start the month off with Broken Legions, but after getting it all set up we ended up not having enough time to play. Instead we played a quick game of Monty Python Fluxx. I think this is my favourite of the Fluxx games – the theme really fits the silly, chaotic nature of the game. Amanda hates it. Moslty because she hasn’t seen much Monty Python and just doesn’t get it.

Two of Amanda’s least favourite cards. Luckily she wasn’t around for the game.

Day Two - Friday, 2 September 2016 – Broken Legions

You can read about this game in a separate blog post:

Day Three - Saturday, 3 September 2016 –Agricola

Our friend Brent came over to play Agricola with us. I really like the five-player game. Had way more fun at this than the last couple games. Amanda still crushed us all… but it was still super fun. I say SHE should take over the gardening in our yard, she’s clearly got the theory down.

Day Four - Sunday, September 2016 –  Race for the Galaxy (and others)

A Quick game of Race for the Galaxy before we sat down and watched The Martian – which I’d picked up at the library the day before.

This is a favourite of ours. Probably because you kind of just do your own thing and then count up your points when someone triggers the end game. There isn’t a lot of messing with each other.

Not my highest scoring game, but I still did pretty awesome! There were first goals for both Uplift and Alien and when I drew the genetics windfall start world, I thought I’d be going for Uplift stuff… but then I couldn’t stop picking up Alien stuff?!  In the end I took BOTH the Alien and Uplift first goals – but it was the Alien stuff I totally crushed it with… 

Earlier in the day I went over to my friend John’s and played a couple games. First, we played Railways of North America (above)…

…and then we got in a game of Power Grid.

They weren’t played with the family, so they don’t really count… but I played them. They were fun… Railways and Power Grid are on my list of games to play this month - so hopefully I'll get to have another go at them with the family. 

Day Five - Monday, 5 September 2016 –Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG

The Boy ran his very first role-playing game ever!

He actually picked up Star Wars: Edge of the Empire a few months back and was excited about running that for a bit, but then interest sort of trailed off and we got busy doing other things. But then when we were at the Sentry Box in Calgary he picked up the Force Awakens Beginner Game set and read through that over the last few weeks and then ran it for us. It went pretty good.

Day Six - Tuesday, 6 September 2016 – Retro Loonacy

Tuesday ended up being a bit of a gong show. We started our home0schooly activities and then decided to ride out to the Saskatoon Zoo for the (Not Going) Back to School picnic. Afterwards we stopped in at the Co-op Home Centre to pick up some stuff for some urgent home repairs, then we popped into the Dragon’s Den (our FLGS) where The Girl, inspired by her brother running Star Wars the day earlier, decided to pick up the Shadowrun Core Rulebook (a while back she picked up the Beginner Box - and is going to run that for us this Saturday! – but decided she is forsure going to run MORE of it and should just go ahead and get the Core Rulebook…). Then WE stopped in at a music store to get a new tuner for our violins (and accidentally bought one for a guitar/bass…. But that’s a whole other story) and then stopped in at the Grocery store for some food… THEN we had to ride home and MAKE supper in time for Amanda and the Girl to get out to their Karate class and then The Boy was going out to play D&D 5E at King Me Boardgamery (which is conveniently just a few blocks away)…

So How to get a game in there…?

Well I ended up playing a couple of two-player games of Retro Loonacy with The Boy before he ran off to play D&D

And then I played a few more games with Amanda and The Girl when they got home from Karate…. So… we didn’t all play together… but we did all play the same game on the same day….

Day Seven - Wednesday, 7 September 2016 –  Smash Up

I don’t love Smash Up like I used to. The kids still do. So we played it.

I played Mystical Ponies from Innsmouth. They worked out pretty good.

Day Eight - Thursday, 8 September 2016 –Ra

Finally we played Ra this afternoon. WE actually played this at the tail end of August and it turned out remarkably the same last The Girl and I were within points of each other (50+/-) and The Boy had half as many points as us (~20)?!

Surprisingly, no one bid on this second last auction of the game… I can’t figure out why…?!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Just finishing up some more Great War Canadians – should have pictures of them up tomorrow.