Friday, February 5, 2016

New Toys

I placed an order with Black Tree Design at the very end of last year (there was a huge sale – like, 50% off stuff… I was weak…). It finally arrived today (via UPS, unfortunately…).


Most of this was earmarked for Frostgrave, Lion Rampant/Dragon Rampant, or A Song of Blades and Heroes

For Lion Rampant (or Dragon Rampant… if I feel like fighting fantasy foes…) I ended up with:

2 units of Foot European Men-At-Arms (6 each)
1 unit of European Crossbow (12)
1 unit of European Archers (12) (+4 more to flesh out existing units of bidowers)
1 unit of European Spearmen (Foot Yeoman – 12)
1 unit of European Billmen/Halbardiers (Expert Foot Seargeants or Yeoman – 12)
1 unit of European Serfs (12) (+4 more to finish another unit I already have
1 bombard and crew… not really for Lion Rampant… I’m not sure why I bought it…?
1 unit of Muslim Archers (12)
2 unit of Muslim Spearmen (12 each – actually one unit I ordered only has 8 as I have four random muslim command types I can add to the unit to make 12)
1 unit of Muslim Mounted Sergeants - on Camels! (6) actually these are from the fantasy Saracen range and are a little fantastical looking… I hope I can make them look at tad more historical and make use of them (they were 50% off – the actuall historical cavalry was not…)

For Frostgrave (or any other fantasy skirmish or RPG, really… but I had Frostgrave in mind when I ordered them… almost all of them are actually from the Hundred Years War line – as in the Lion Rampant units above – I thought the padded armour looked like it might double as cold weather clothing!):
4x Crossbow
4x Infantrymen (Billmen)
4x Men-at-Arms
4x Archers
2x Templars
2x Knights

I picked up Reaper Miniatures Legends of the Sands Boxed Set on Boxing Day at the Dragon's Den (though the one I picked up was older stock and didn't have the fancy carrying case...) and thought I might use them for Frostgrave warbands (or perhaps “Dustgrave”…?) so I picked up a few more of the Medieval Muslims and fantasy Saracens for those warbands:
8x Men-at-Arms/thugs
4x Crossbowmen
3x Archers/Rangers

Other stuff included:
9 Halflings for either SoBH or Dragon Rampant (filling out units of archers or mixed Yeoman – or light foot or whatever they’re called in Dragon Rampant - or scouts/bidowers)
1 Mounted Sorceress (could be for any Fantasy skirmish/RPG – but I thought I might add her to one of the Lion Rampant retinues to add a fantasy element when using it in Dragon Rampant).
2 goblin + 1 Orc Shaman (Dragon Rampant… or SoBH…?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably a Frostgrave Game report as we’re planning to continue our new campaign either Saturday or Sunday evening. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Back to the Frozen City...

I did not actually get to playing En Garde! over the weekend, but last night I did finally get to kick off a new Frostgrave campaign just with the family. I thought it would be fun to run a campaign just with the family - and it would give me an opportunity to get back up to speed with the rules and playtest a few scenarios before the 12th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaing weekend coming up in lightly less than four weeks! Originally I’d planned to run a A Song of Blades and Heroes campaign, but decided to switch to Frostgrave because… well… it would just be easier… Mostly because I’ve been working on a new campaign system for Song of Blades and Heroes, but I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity to fully playtest it at all before the wargaming weekend and I hate trying out totally new things at a campaign weekend where there will be a little bit of competition and, even among the friendly gamers I’ll be playing with, holes in the system would likely be found (alarmingly quickly) and exploited… Frostgrave is at least is a known quantity – I know what to expect from it… and it’s fun… I’m sure it will be a great weekend!


As we got started a bit later than I expected, we simply played a standard scenario without any special rules or even any wandering monsters (which is, I think, a first!?). Next week we’ll spice it up with something new!

I think all of us, except perhaps The Boy, tried out a new type of spellcaster that we’ve never played before.


Amanda played an Elementalist named Winona and her apprentice Raisin(…? Yeah, I have no idea…). Exploring the ruins with them was a Tracker named Tammy, two Treasure Hunters named Helen and Ellen, and three Thugs names Sandra, Melissa, and Carrie. (The figures are all from my own collection – Amanda likes to play, but can’t be bothered to get her own figures…)

The Girl played a band of giant anthropomorphic mice lead by a Chronomancer names Rumpy Silkskins and his apprentice Glinda Mistletoe. With them were three Archers names Redfeather Tickle, Milly Greenbottom, and Tilly Yellowpatch, a Crossbowmouse named Lara Dustfur, Two thieves named The Blue Squeaker and Lumpy Cheesecakes, and Infantrymouse names Admiral Browntail and a Warhound names Flash. The figures are all the frem The Girl’s own collection and, with the the exception of one of them, were all painted by her.  (I think this is the first time ANYONE had played a Chronomancer in any of our games so far)

The Boy rolled out with another Lizard Witch warband lead by Bloopblupblop and his apprentice Sithana. He commanded a Knight namd Sthanos, two Infantrylizards names Sotha and Hiskanal, two Javalineers names Hroot and Grook, a thug names Gurth and Theif named Inkath.

I tired out the Soothsayer (using my recently painted Green Wizards). Alvareda and her apprentice Jonquil led a band of rough sorts; Lars (the Archer) and his brother Darragh and his other brother Darragh (both Men-at-Arms), four Thieves named Will, Jenny, Alfonso, and Cerebus (an Aardvark!?), and a big mean dog named Spike.

Despite the decision to allow the new Captains presented in Sellsword, no on opted to try one out…?


Before the game got going my soothsayers successfully cast Reveal Secret (allowing me to place an extra piece of treasure just in front of my deployment zone. The Boy’s Witch also successfully summoned an Animal Companion – a giant Ice Toad who was quickly named “Ribbet”

It’s been a while since I’ve played so I didn’t have the smartest set-up. Jonquil went off with the three brothers leaving Alvareda with the thieves… so all the hitters with one spellcaster, all the carriers with the other… doh…

Jonquil and the three borhters set up next to a treasure – looked like easy-pickins…

Alvareda and the Theives with three more treasures that looked easy enough to grab – we would be in and out without any contact with the other delvers of the ruined city!

Then Amanda’s Elementalist set up with eyes on that same treasure…

On the flank I had The Girl’s Giant Mice Chronoimancer warband. WE always seem to end up having a non-verbal “you-take-these-I’ll-take-those-and-we’ll-leave-each-other-alone” type pact in all our games of Frostgrave…?

The Boy and his Lizard Witches were across from me and I would have no contact with them at all.

On the first turn the Elementalist went first and whisked away that closest treasure to an eagerly waiting thug who then picked it up and ran!

The Theives with Alvareda quickly snatched the treasures in front of them and readied for a quick get-away – eyeing the giant mice with suspicion! Alvareda successfully cast Mind Control on Tammy – the Elementalists’ Tracker – but Tammy successfully resisted

The Mice and Lizards mixed it up a bit – in the course of the game Mouse Archers took down two Lizard Javelineers.

Lars put an arrow in the thug with our treasure the Darraghs rushed out to grab it, but the Elementalist hit them with a fireball knocking Darragh our and wounding Other Darragh! Other Darragh soldiered on and, with the help of Spike, took on one of the elementalists Treasure Hunters.

And then I forgot to keep taking pictures…

Alvareda and Jonquil made a few more attempts at casting Mind Control on various members of the Elementalists – which mostly ended with them bleeding out their nose and ears (failing horribly!). Then Alvareda was hit by a scattershot from Winona the Elementalist and the two soothsayers spent a few turns trying to heal themselves… Eventually they got better and manged a few successful Combat Awareness spells too late in the game to have any affect (other than gaining them some experience).

In the end, the severly wounded Darragh managed to take down the Treasure Hunter and Alvareda successfully cast Mind Control on Tammy the Tracker – who was coming to get him. As Tammy and Winona were the only members of the Elementalist’s warband still on the table, the Elementalist decided to beat a hasty retreat of the table rather than fight her own hireling…

I really missed not having wandering monsters or special rules… it adds a lot to the game. Otherwise there is temptation to just grab a couple of the closest treasures and scarper…

The Girl’s mice soffered no casualties at all and hauled away three treasures. Among those treasure she collected 295 gold, an Orb of Power, and three Potions (Elixer of Speed, Potion of Invisibility, and Potion of Invulnerability). Her wizard gained 210 experience (150 from treasures, 60 from successful spells cast) and gained two levels.

Amanda’s Elementalist’s warband suffered four casualties. Her Apprentice was badly wounded and will miss the next game (or require some expensive healing!), Helen and Sandra were patched up well enough that they’d be able to soldier on next game, but Helen was a little more seriously injured and will give the next game a miss… Among the two treasures they hauled off the collected 120 gold, a Staff of Power (1) and a Grimoire of Invisibility. Winona earned 160 experience points (100 for treasures, 60 for spells cast). I think Amanda is planning to abandon this warband and try something else next game.

The Boy also suffered four casualties The two Javelineers and the Toad were all wounded lightly enough that they’d be able to soldier on next game, but Sotha the Infantrylizard will be out of action a bit longer. The Lizards collected three treasures which included 220 gold, a Grimoire of Wizard’s Eye, and three Potions (Explosive Cocktail, Potion of Strength, Elixer of Speed). His wizard earned 290 experience points (150 for treasures, 60 for spells cast, and 80 for taking out Raisin the Elementalist’s apprentice).

The Darraghs and Spike the dog recovered from their injuries quick enough that they’ll be ready for the next expedition into the frozen city. Among the FIVE treasures the Soothsayer’s warband collected they found 280 gold, Potions of Healing and Invidibility, TWO Scrolls of Raise Zombie, a Magic Dagger (+1), a Ring of Teleportation, and Grimoire of Fog. Alvareda earned 320 experience (250 for treasure and 70 for spells cast). She decided to improve her fighting and practice up on Mind Control and Combat Awareness. I am tempted to have her send one of the Thieves packing and hire a Captain... 

I like the Soothsayer – though most of my spells were 12+ to cast… I took Mind Control, Combat Awareness, and Reveal Secret for my Soothsayer spells, though I’m kind of wishing I’d taken Forget Spell… I think my first grimoire purchase will that. I also took Bind Demon and Control Construct just to be THAT Wizard that messes with EVERYONE’s heads… but with the current group of wizards it’s looking like those won’t be so useful. I should have taken Control Undead as well. Control Animal, being a Witch spell (which is opposed to Soothsaying) would be a tough one… I rounded things out with Heal, Invisibility and Fleet Feet. 

I think we’ll play a few scenarios out of the main book and then I’d like to try playing trough either the Hunt for the Golem or Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign (or perhaps BOTH!).

In other exciting – but Frostgrave related – news, just as I sat down to type up this game report this morning I had one email that informed me that my order from Black Tree Design has finally shipped (with figures all destined for Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant warbands and Lion Rampant retinues) had FINALLY shipped AND a note from Joseph McCullough himself informing me I’d been selected as one of our winners for the Frostgrave Wizard Sheet giveaway! How cool is that!?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ve started cleaning up the basement this weekend and had a big clear off of the workbench. It was getting mighty cluttered. I tend to just keep adding things to it fast than I can actually paint – keeping things “in the wings” to remind myself that I SHOULD paint them up in the not-too-distant future. What remained were a few remaining swashbucklers and lots of Medieval/Fanatasy stuff… and a few other odds and ends… hopefully I’ll get to finishing a few more things up this week before our next adventure into the Frozen City! 

I'd still like to get in a game of En Garde! at some point this week - even if it's just a small game just to try it out.

I also need to get working on some MORE TERRAIN! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Four Swashbucklers, a Wizard and a Templar Walk Into a Tavern…

Sorry, you can make up your own punchline for that one. (If you've got one let’s hear them in the comments below!)

Anyway, a few new things rolling off the work bench this week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two Women from Hasslefree Miniatures (with weird-looking googley eyes!? Why do I not notice these things BEFORE they get blown up in pictures on this blog!? My eyes must be getting worse than I thought!!) The Wizard is on a slightly larger base because I meant her to go with that other mage I painted last week and he's on a larger base.... so... 

And here they are together – Wizard and Apprentice… Which one do you figure should be the wizard and which one the apprentice? I was kind of thinking the female should be the wizard as she’s carrying the BIG STICK…. but she seems so… diminutive…? (I always forget how slight Hasslefree Minatures are…) Perhaps I should repaint the dude’s goatee so he looks a tad younger…

What sort of wizards do you think they should be for Frostgrave? Jade Wizards - casting earthy-planty-hippy-magiks? Witches, then, perhaps?

If I'd done them with a slightly darker skin tone I could have passed them off as Dragon Clan Shugenja... (bald, dressed in green). Of course they might have needed a tattoo or two...

Which just gave me an idea! I should look through the L5R/Ronin stuff I have and find a pair of Shugenja and some warriors to come up with an eastern-themed warband for Frostgrave! 

The last of the Red Gang for En Garde!. All are from Wargames Foundry

And here is the Red Gang all together. I’ll have to come up with better names…

I finally finished reading En Garde! and it looks like a LOT of fun! I’m hoping to get in a game this evening – or on the weekend at the latest. Looks like it will be a hoot!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully a game report of En Garde!

I have all manner of stuff polluting my workbench at the moment 40K Imperial Guard, Wizards and Warriors for Frostgrave, the last of the  swashbucklers for En Garde!, entire units of stuff for Dragon Rampant

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Odd and Sundry Items: Wizard, Swashbuckler, etc.

A small group of odd items rolling on the workbench this weekend…. I’m kind of all over the place, torn between finishing up fantasy units for Dragon Rampant, Frostgrave, and A Song of Blades and Heroes and swashbucklers for En Garde!… and other stuff…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two fantasy figures from Reaper Miniatures. the Wizard is for myself (and I need to find an apprentice for him!) and the Barbarian woman is another addition to John’s Cheesecake Warband  for Frostgrave.

Two English Civil War figures from Wargames Foundry; a clubman and a general.

A woman with a Kalishikov assault rifle of some sort – also form Wargames Foundry.

An old, old Dark Elf and a Skeleton casualty marker made from a Games Workshop figure.

Finally another member of the Green Gang for En Garde! – also form Wargames Foundry.

In other news, En Garde! arrived on Friday and it’s pretty much exactly what I expected (which is good!). I am very pleased to see how flexible it is and designed to be used in many theatres throughout the renaissance. I hope I can find some time to try it out sometime this week!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Swashbuckling Renaissance types… More Fantasy Warriors and Wizards… and hopefully an En Garde! game report! 

Monday, January 18, 2016


Back to working on a few more Swashbucklers in anticipation of the immanent arrival of En Garde! (I just hope I can make a gang out of these lots for the game somehow!?)

I had previously mentioned I was painting the newly arrived swashbucklers in similar coloured clothes to easily identify to which band or gang they belonged. This latest batch is the complete grey/brown gang…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

All these figures are from Wargames Foundry.

Now to finish up the Green, Blue and Red gangs and then eagerly await the arrive of En Garde! (and hope they will all be useable gangs in the game!)

I got to thinking it might be fun to organize a campaign in the kingdom of Florin during the reign of Prince (and later King!) Humperdink… I would have to convert a figure to add a sixth figure for Count Rugen.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Swashbucklers…? Or more fantasy stuff for Dragon Rampant… 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Elves for Dragon Rampant

I found a few more figures I could paint up to finish up a couple of units for Dragon Rampant. All are Elves from West Wind Productions that I’d originally picked up to make elements for Hordes of the Things (actually, now that I think of it, they were picked up for a short-lived 28mm Warmaster project that quickly turned into a 28mm Hordes of the Things project…). They came in unit boxes of 24 so for each I planned to use 18 for HoTT elements and the remaining six would be individually based for skirmishing/role-playing. A few of them were painted eight years ago - One of the batch of three HotT Elements and the leaders of these two units. I couldn’t find when I painted the other three axemen, but I imagine it was about the same time.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Elves with Great Swords – all but the champion are newly painted. I figured these could be fielded as Elite Foot for 6 points.

Elves with Great Axes – two of the guys without helmets are not.  These could also be fielded as Elite Foot for 6 points.

I also have these Wood Elf War Dancers (I think I actually have a total of 18 now). What could I field them as? Bellicose Foot? Three reduced model units (6 figures each) of Bellicose Foot?

With the Elite Elf Archers @ 6 points (for Light Missile, Sharpshooters, Reduced Model Unit), three War Dancers @ 4 points each (Bellicose Foot, Reduced Model Unit), and the two units of Elite Foot above @ 6 points each. I have 30 points worth of Individually based figures I could field as part of Elf Warbands…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Swashbucklers seem mostl likely… but who knows... I might find some other fantasy stuff for Dragon Rampant to finish up... 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Elite Elf Archers for Dragon Rampant

After playing our first game of Dragon Rampant my attention has been split between painting stuff for  Dragon Rampant/Lion Rampant and En Garde!…. So less stuff getting done… This is why it’s good to have a plan to focus on ONE THING and stick to it… of course not having a plan and doing what you want is fun too… so…

(All of the figures pictured in this post are from Games Workshop. They are © and ™ Games Workshop and painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

One elf archer.

Yeah, that’s all I got done… but it’s all I needed to do, because I already had five others:

The whole unit. I painted most of these years ago (like, back when I was playing Mordhiem - which was a LOOOOONG time ago - before this blog was around!) – though I did do some touching up on a few as I painted the new guy.

I see elite elf archer/scouts as the fantastical equivalent of modern Special Ops forces. There is a temptation to call these guys “Scouts” but scouts are actually crap at hitting stuff.

I guess it would depend on the role I was expecting them to take in a particular action. If the goal was to be sneaky beaky and just get from one place to another and avoid contact… then yeah, maybe I would take them as scouts….

But if they’re more Direct Action Special Ops they would be better off as a Light Missile reduced figure unit (2 strength points per figure) with Sharpshooters for a total of 6 points. That would make them a small group of hard-hitting shooters that can take some hits.

I was tempted, at first, to give them “Invisible” but for another three whole points (making the unit NINE points total!?) it seems a little weak considering all it does is make them immune to mundane shooting – they can still be targeted by magic and still be charged by anyone close enough and wishing to attack them.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Swashbucklers for En Garde! or some Elf Elite Foot for Dragon Rampant… or maybe something completely diffeent!?