28mm Vietnam Gallery

Here, soon, I will be featuring all of my 28mm forces for wargaming the Vietnam War. The collection is pretty much completed, I just need to get around to taking pictures of them all...


Royal Australian Rifle Platoon

Royal Autralian Rifle Platoon

All of the figures in this platoon are from The Assault Group.

There may or may not be a few more guys in the picture that I imagine would actually be in a platoon. I've seen a few different platoon organizations for Australians in Vietnam. One had 12 man sections with a mix of L1A1 Self-Loading Rifles, F1 Sub-Machine Guns, M16 Assault Rifles and an M60 Machine-gun... Others I have seen have 10 man sections with either the F1 or the M16 - suggesting that the M16 replaced the F1...? Most of the sections of this "platoon" have one or two of each (M16 and F1) so they could be fielded with either - with about 9-10 men - or both with sections of 11 or 12.

Platoon Command Section

First Section

Second Section

Third Section

Special Air Service

Australian Special Air Service Patrol in ERDL pattern camouflage.

United States of America

Special Operations Forces

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol #1 (figures from West Wind Productions)

I think these were among the first 28mm figures I painted for Vietnam. They were painted more for use with role-playing games - using Savage Worlds Tour of Darkness (I also had fond memories of playing Revised Recon in high school - using old 1/72 ESCI plastic figures)

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol #2 (figures from The Assault Group)

More recent figures I picked up. I didn't really NEED a second patrol... they're just nice figures... and I like painting figures as much as playing with them...

Detail of the the Radio Operator's back.

Special Operators with AK-47 Assault rifles (figures from The Assault Group) - Perhaps special forces or MAVC Studies and Observation Group...?

More to come shortly...