28mm World War Two Gallery

Here, at some point, I will be featuring my 28mm World War Two collection.

The Canadians and Soviets are more or less complete (I think I have three T-34s to complete for the Russians...)

Here's a picture of the whole Canadian force:

Here's the latest picture of my entire Soviet force:

Unfortunately, the picture was taking in April of 2010, and it's grown considerably since then... more than doubled actually - I have a full strength Infantry company (which is ridiculous, I know - when would anyone, EVER have fielded a FULL STRENGTH anything!?) plus a pile more tanks and support equipment...

You can get an idea of what else I've got going on by checking out the 28mm WW2 To-Do List from a year or so back... and the WW2 label will take you to an assortment of pages - mostly painting updates.

To see my WW2 stuff in action check out Savage Timmy's Playhouse - my separate Savage Worlds blog - most of my gaming with this collection is done with Savage Worlds. The World War Two label should take you to all the posts of games using these figures.