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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Penthylos’ Escape!

We decided last night to play a game and it’s been a while since we played straight up Song of Blades and Heroes, so I threw together this quick little scenario for the family….


The lesser known Greek Hero (unknown, really) Penthylos once sought to make himself rich and gain glory by invading the land of the Amazons. “There just a bunch of Women,” he thought, “We shall be back by the Anthesteria and rich beyond imagining – with gold, and slaves, and perhaps even a wife or two!”

He took with him 100 of the best Greek Hoplites he could buy with his meager means and set off across land and sea to the lands of the Amazons.

Things did not go well for him.

And so it was that he found himself and the last remaining men of his expedition running ragged, hunted, through the wild mountains of Amazonia desperately trying to shake their pursuers and make their way back to more “civilized” lands.

If they could make it through this one more pass they would be beyond the reach of the Amazons and safely on their way back home…. Or so they hoped…


The Greeks start in one corner and must exit the opposite corner. Half the Amazons are guarding the pass, the other half are in the pursuing force and will enter on the Amazons second turn.

To win the greeks must get half their forces off the opposite corner of the table and Penthylos must be among those that escape. If less than half the Greek force escapes or Penthylos is killed or captured, the Amazons win.

Just to keep the Greeks going, any slain Amazons will reappear at the entry point for the pursuit force the next turn.


The Greeks

Penthylos – Greek Hero with Sword and Shield
Q 3+, C 4, Leader, 70 points

5x Greek Hoplites – Spear and Shield
Q3+, C 3, 30 points

2x Greek Psiloi – Javelins
Q 3+, C 2, Shooter (medium), 28 points

The Amazons

Iphianassa – Amazon Leader with Sword and Shield
Q 3+, C 4, Leader, 70 points

2x Amazon Warriors – Spear and Shield
Q3+, C 3, 30 points

2x Amazon Slingers - Sling
Q 3+, C 2, Shooter (medium), 28 points

2x Amazon Elite Archers – Bow
Q 3+, C 3, Shooter (long), Unerring Aim, 50 points

1x Amazon Archer – Bow
Q 3+, C 3, Shooter (long), 46 points


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Boy played the Greeks and Amanda and The Girl split the Amazon forces.

The Small party of Amazons guarding the pass on the border of their lands.

The Greeks, The Amazons in their way, and Freedom Beyond!

Amanda trying to remember the rules (I guess it HAS been a while – though we were just playing Tale of Blades and Heroes on the weekend and they’re not THAT different…)


The Greeks make a break for it, trying to swing wide around the Amazons guarding the pass. I should have made part of the rough ground bad-going…

On the Amazons end of the turn, one slinger moved forward and flung a stone off at one of the Greeks which bounced off his shield. Then the Girl rolled a Turn-Over and that pretty much settled the game…

Turn Two

The majority of the Greeks sprinted past the Amazons before the pursuit force even entered the table…

On the Amazons end of the turn one of the Warriors guarding the pass rushed down at Penthylos hoping to slow him at least until the pursuers caught up!

She thrust at him with her spear!

Penthylos side-stepped and cut her down!

I think another Turn-Over was rolled before they all could go.

Turn Three

The Boys dice, on the other hand were HOT. It helped that he played it careful and kept Penthylos within one Long Stick of all his troops thereby being able to confer his Leader bonus to all. By the end of the turn a number of his hoplites were but one move away from freedom!

At this point the Amazon Archers climbed to within view and shot down on of the fleeing hoplites!

Turn Four

Three of the Greeks fled off the table, though another one or two probably could have, The Boy kept a few on to protect Penthylos, in case things went south for him.

The Amazons advanced hurling stones and arrows as they went. Again on of the warriors got into contact with Penthylos.

Turn Five

One of the Greek Hoplites stepped in to help Penthylos – he had a spare action so he made it a Powerful Blow and outnumbered the Amazon with Penthylos standing there… I guess The Boy had to had a bad die roll at SOME point in the evening! The Hoplite was knocked down. 

Penthylos, however, used the distraction of the attacking Hoplite to slip away with the remaining two Greeks. The prostrated Hoplite was left among the Amazons to die, I guess…

Seemed like a bit of a  cake-walk for The Boy. Not sure how I would have changed it. I suppose making more parts of the pass hard-going would have slowed them a bit and made it more likely that the Amazons made contact. Had I let the Amazon Pursuers arrive on their first turn, they could very well have been on top of the fleeing Greeks before the latter went anywhere - if they had unlucky activation rolls on their first turn. The Girl did have some bad luck with the dice rolling two Turn-Overs at critical points… Q3+ Humans with a Leader are a pretty effective lot.

We definitely need to play more of this. The kids were pretty excited about it because we’re reading a lot about Ancient times right now. I need to think of some scenario I can use my few Egyptians and Nubians in (as we have mostly been reading about that the last couple of weeks).

I’m not quite sure what to do next. I also recently picked up a print copy of Song of Shadows and Dust from Book Depository and pdfs of Song of Shadows and Dust, Flying Lead, Hearts and Minds, Fear and Faith, Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters, AND MORE Drums and Shakos (all from Saber’s Edge - thanks Paul!) and I still haven’t gotten in a game of Of Gods and Mortals or A Fistful of Kung Fu and I should really be playing some more play-test games of Power Legion!? Too many games, not enough time!! I think I’ll get some more games of plain old SoBH this week – because we know these rules inside out and hopefully that will get us back in game-playing mode and a little more stoked to read through the rules of the others.

I have to say I’m pretty stoked to Try Fear and Faith and Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters. I’ve been dying to find an opportunity to use THIS GUY and THESE GUYS in a game for AGES!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully more SoBH game reports… and pictures of the Romans I’ve been working on this week. The copy of the Storm of Swords unabridged audiobook I requested through the local library arrived… 37 discs… 49.5 hours… I have some painting to do! (I hope they’ll let me renew it – there’s no way I’m getting through all of that in three weeks!) 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Giant Scorpions… Not like GIANT giant… but pretty gigantic for your average scorpion….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These scorpions are form Black Tree Design

Just to give you a sense of HOW “giant” they are…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Preacher, the General, and the Cyclops

A slight diversion and change of plans… Oh the rest of the Foreign Legionnaires are still on the workbench, but the next up items were needing base gooping, as were the follow-on items (ZOMBIES!) and some machine-gun teams that were also “on deck” would need some base-gooping. And I like to have the base-gooping done beforehand – at least for individually based figures (because I can) – so that when I’m done painting all I have to do is dry brush on the lighter browns and presto, I’m done! Rather than having to goop them after paiting and then wait over night for it to dry and then dry brush and flock, etc…

So instead of the as-planned Legionnaires, I painted up the MG gunners last night and glued them down to their bases and did some base-gooping… so those machinegunners are just waiting for the base goop to dry and they’ll likely get posted tomorrow… THEN I’ll get to those Legionnaires… THEN the cops… THEN the Zombies… It’s almost like I have a plan…  

And these...?! Well, I just happen to be working them up at the same time as the Machine-gunners and they happen to be gooped previously, so I was able to finish them right off. 

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The Preacher-man and the General here are from Great War Miniatures. The General, I think was stuck in some green stuff on the washer-base and dried with a little lean forwards…? It kind of makes him look like he’s rocking forward on the balls of his feet to have a good listen.

Cyclops from Reaper Miniatures for a Greek Mythology Hordes of the Things army.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Great War Canadian machine-gunners, French Foreign Legionnaires, Modern Cops, Zombies… roughly in that order… maybe a game report or two… 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Back to the Mythical Greek stuff for a moment….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are Harpies from the new Wargames Foundry Greek Mythology line.

More of the same based to be used as Fliers in Hordes of the things. Ostensibly they are for the Amazon army, but really could be used by anyone that’s willing to put up with them.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More painting. I seem to be in painting mode, and while painting I often THINK about games and gaming and imagine scenarios in which the figures I’m painting could be used… In fact that’s often a primary motivator; imagined usefulness… whether I ever actually make use of them in a game as lone as I can imagine potentially using them in some sort of fun scenario…

For some reason I just don’t feel super motivated to actually PLAY any games these days. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Greek Ships

I finally got around to starting some ships I've been meaning to build for a Greek Mythology campaign. I had meant to start with two merchant ships and two warships, but after cutting the main birts for one of each I severely bent the last scrolling bit I had for my jigsaw... drat... Anyway, the two are coming along nicely, but I'll have to set them aside as I have a few other things to get ready for the weekend.

(remember: click on the pictures to see a bigger version)

I threw a few 28mm figures (I think they're all from the Foundry) on there to get a sense of scale...

Hopefully get back to work on those next week.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Odds and Sods: Spies, Sorcerers, Civilians, Cyborg Simians, Centaurs and… er… Ghoul Kids on Bikes!?

An odd assortment of things I finished up today…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A Spy from Artizan Designs Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang line…

Gigori Rasputin and Kriegaffe from Steve Jackson Games Hellboy Villains set.

Three civilians from one of the old  West Wind Productions Supersystem civilians packs. I think the two with their arms in the air are supposed to be surrendering or something. I suppose they could be doing some sort of calisthenics...? 

A centaur from Mega Miniatures - on an extra large base for use as an army marker (should I ever get to use the new Centaur Army in a campaign…).

And finally…

Ghoul kids on bikes from Black Cat Bases. I think this is the first stuff I’ve bought and painted from them… I’d certainly like to pick up more! Like the Book Golem… or the Weird Appliances… or the Mythos Beasties… and I totally need a unit of  VSF British with gas masks… and… well… you get the idea… they have a lot of odd, neat stuff. (I could do an entire ARMY of Undead Roman Legionnaires … MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa…)

(now I’m just being Silly again!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmmmm…. Hard to say… Probably more odds and ends… I don’t seem to be able to FOCUS on anything long enough to paint a unit – or even an element of anything… 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gallopin’ Centaurs!

When I mentioned to the kids I’d finished up a Centaur Army for Hordes of the Things they immediately started arguing about who would get to play with it first! So this afternoon, after our meeting with the Home-school coordinator to prove that I edumacated the boy good this year, I busted them out and each got a turn at playing with them…



Centaurs (Keira)
1x Magician General – Sorceress Queen of the Centaurs
8x Riders - Centaurs
1x Kngiths – Armoured Centaurs
1x shooters – Allied Satyr Achers

Orcs (Finnegan)
1x Knight General – Fearsome Wolf Riding Orc Cheiftan
6x Riders – Smelly, Smelly Wolf Riders
3x Beasts – Wolf Packs
1x Behemoth – Trolls


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Queen Keira sets out her Centaur host to defend the Happy Horsie Lands

Finnegan the Foul whips his warhost into a fury!

Satisfied with the infallibility of his deployment, Finnegan the Foul gives a chuckle of amusement.

The Centaurs approach the invading orcs – not wanting the to take one step further into their precious steppes…

The Centaur stronghold stocked with centaurs ready to defend against any foolhardy wolfriders that try to make a break for the prize.

ZZZZZZZAP! First bound brought the terrifying Sorceress Queen of the Centaurs into magical-zappy range and The Heroic general faltered before her display of sparks and whizzbangs!

Waiting for the general to catch up the wolfriders approach cautiously and the wolfpacks wheels out in search of “goat meat”

The Centaur crash into the Orc Horde.

The Centaurs are driven back by the putrid stench of their opponents – only the Orc General (classified as “knight”) is brave (foolish) enough to try and follow up this “success”

The Wolves smell that tasty, tasty goat meat and rush up the hill for their meal…

The main line pushes back and forth.

The Sorceress Queen of the Centaurs lays waste to the surly pack of wolfriders before her.…

Immediately to their flank other turn and flee from the field…

…leaving a bit of a gap in the center of the Orcs line. (Orcs are down two)

The next bound the Orcs close once again with their opponents.

It proves to be the wolves undoing and they die in droves before the withering archery of the Satyr on the hilltop. 

At the other end of the line, however the orcs get their first whiff of success – an element of Centaurs is driven of back to the corral.

Orcs down three, Centaurs down one.

To relieve the pressure on the Centaur knights (which had been flanked the previous bound, but fought their attackers to a standstill) two elements of Centaurs attempt to surround the flanking wolf pack.

Another pack of wolves is driven off by the Satyr Archers.

Elsewhere, a pack of Wolfriders are flanked and annihilated by Centaurs

Orcs down five, Centaurs down one. Not looking good.

The following bound the Centaur Knights ride down some Wolfriders, effectively ending the game.

At the other end of the line the Orcs flanked and destroyed an element of Centaurs, but it was too little, too late.

Finnegan never got his Behemoth in on the action…? I’d nipped out of the room while hey were selecting armies to fetch my camera and I think when Finnegan chose to take a Behemoth and told Keira how it was going to utterly destroy her horsie-people she started to cry. Ever concerned for the feelings of his younger sister I think he more or less threw the game and didn’t engage with the trolls just so she wouldn’t end up crying again…



Centaurs (Finnegan)
1x Hero General – Heroic King of the Centaurs
8x Riders - Centaurs
2x shooters – Allied Satyr Achers

Amazons (Keira)
1x Hero General – Queen Libby of the Amazons
1x Magician – Elvish Sorceress
4x Shooters – Amazon, African, and Elf archers and slingers.
3x Spear – 2x Greek Mercenary Hoplites, 1x Amazons
1x Warband – Wild Celtic Warrior Wimyn


This time it is the Amazons attacking the Centaurs….

Finnegan strikes an archer pose…

Ready to do battle – unfortunately the Centaur army is split by the river.

The advantage of an all-Rider/Hero force – first bound brings you just bout into contact!


(I think I forgot to remind Keira that her archers should have shot here…)

On the Amazon bound they held and the Elvish Sorceress worked her magic…. With little effect…

One the next Centaur bound they were in contact!

The results were mixed… the Centaur lost one element.

On the Following bound the Amazon’s General pursued the fleeing centaurs and on her nimble lioness slew many and set the rest to flight. (Centaurs down two)

The remaining centaurs on the side of the river where the battle was taking place charged back in and a few of the centaurs on the other side attempted to cross and reinforce their beleaguered comrades.

Finally some small success for the centaurs – the Hero General and company rode down the Amazon Spear… (Centaurs down two, Amazons down one)

On the next bound General Libby Wheeled around and flanked another unit of centaurs while one band of Greek Mercenary Hoplites contacted them to the front. Elsewhere Amazons rained down arrows and sling stones and magical lightning bolts on other centaurs.

The arrows and sling stones drove back two elements of centaurs, while the sorcery destroyed another. In their moment of desperation, however, the flanked centaurs drove back the Greek mercenary hoplites and the wild flanking attack by the Amazon’s General (Centaurs down three, Amazons down one)

Things continued to go south for the Centaurs (perhaps they were tired from slaughtering all the orcs previously… or maybe they were just hung over from the celebrations that has followed…). Another Element of Centaurs was destroyed as they tried to charge home against he Amazons allied African archers. (Centaurs down four, Amazons down one)

Others were driven back where ever they attacked.

Then in the epic conclusion – Libby charged into to drive of for good the group of centaurs she’d been doing battle with for the last few bounds and the Elvish sorceress blasted a second element to bits… (Game over: Centaurs down six, Amazons down one)

A couple of staggering defeats fro the lad, which he seemed to take in stride.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmmm…. With the game table totally cleared off I should play some more games… and when I get back to paintin ONLY GET OUT ONE THING AT A TIME THAT I’M GOING TO PAINT UNTIL IT’S FINISHED BEFORE GETTING ANYTHING ELSE OUT (We’ll see how long THAT lasts…)